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Sheriff and Deputies sent to the hospital after a man attempted to take over the Breckinridge County Judicial Center with homemade concoction in garden sprayer

The Breckinridge County Justice Center was closed after a suspect sprayed an unknown substance when approached by the Sheriff and his Deputies earlier today.

Updated: 4:55 p.m.

The Breckinridge County Justice Center was closed today after an incident at approximately 10 a.m. central time that sent Breckinridge County Sheriff Billy Richardson and multiple Deputies to the hospital.

Christopher Raymond Pascoe, 31, was scheduled to have court at the Hardinsburg facility at 10:30 a.m. The Sheriff's Office responded after being alerted that Pascoe had entered the facility and possibly had a bomb. He was wearing a camouflage vest and gas mask. Upon responding, the Deputies found Pascoe to have a garden sprayer in hand and spraying an unknown substance at them as they approached. Pascoe eventually fled the building while continuing to spray the pursuing Deputies. He was eventually apprehended and taken into custody.

A hazardous material team from Fort Knox was called in to identify the substance that had been sprayed while the Deputies were transported to the hospital with complaints of vision and breathing issues (all of which have been cleared from the hospital at this time).

The substance was determined to be a homemade concoction that included hot sauce, alcohol and residual pesticides from the garden sprayer. Pascoe also had a pocketful of large zip-ties. It is believed that he possibly planned to subdue workers in the building and make his way to the judge who was presiding over his case.

Pascoe was previously arrested on July 7, 2023, by the Breckinridge County Sheriff's Office and was charged with criminal mischief (3rd degree), assault (4th degree), and criminal trespassing (3rd degree). He was arrested again on October 31, 2023, for contempt of court. Pascoe has been previously arrested in Meade County on multiple different charges that included drugs and assault on an officer. His current charges are unknown at this time. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

A picture from social media after Christopher R. Pascoe was detained in 2023 after a previous arrest.

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