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Man charged with murder after a shooting near Hog Wallow

David Gex was arrested and charged with murder.

On Sunday evening, January 14, at just after 10 p.m., Meade County Dispatch received a call from a man stating that he had shot someone on his front porch after being confronted and threatened . The shooting took place at a home on Mountain Lane on Boak Mountain just off US 60, near Hog Wallow in southern Meade County. The Meade County Sheriff's Department and Kentucky State Police responded to the scene.

According to officers, David Gex, 51, was arrested at his residence on Mountain Lane and charged with murder. Allegedly, Gex shot Ricky Hernandez, 59, with a rifle in the center of the victim's chest after exiting his home. Gex stated that Hernandez lived and received his mail at this location. Gex said that when the victim arrived back at the residence, Gex exited the home with a rifle and removed the keys from his truck that the victim was driving. Gex claims that he was walking back to the house when Hernandez aggressively came toward him, at which point he raised his rifle and shot the victim from approximately six feet away. Hernandez was pronounced dead at the scene by the Meade County Coroner. Gex was taken into custody by Kentucky State Police and lodged in the Meade County Detention Center on a $250,000 cash bond and charged with murder.

This is not the first time Gex has been charged with murder. In 1992, a Jefferson County jury convicted Gex for the murder of another man after shooting the victim. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison for that conviction.

The Kentucky State Police continue to investigate this case and any questions or concerns should be sent to Trooper Scotty Sharp, KSP Post 4 in Elizabethtown at 270-766-5078.

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