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  • Chad Hobbs

Businesses beware — counterfeit $100 bills that pass marker test are in Meade County

Numerous counterfeit $100 bills have been used at multiple Meade County businesses over the last two days, and multiple establishments have fallen victim to the criminal enterprise. Business owners need to scrutinize any large bills carefully as these fake bills will pass the marker test. Please be sure to check the other identifying marks closely that distinguish an authentic US tender.

Meade County Sheriff Phillip Wimpee released the following statement: "On March 25th, 2024, local Police agencies including Muldraugh PD, Brandenburg PD, and Meade County Sheriff’s Office received calls of individuals attempting to pass or passing counterfeit $100 bills. These bills will pass a marker test. We recommend examining all $100 bills closely to ensure they are not counterfeit. At this time, they have attempted to pass these bills at numerous different stores in the area, and we believe this began on March 25th and continued into March 26th. If you have received a counterfeit bill, please contact your local law enforcement agency." 

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