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  • Chad Hobbs

A behind-the-scenes tour of the Meade County Detention Center: Part 1

With the Lanesville YouTube couple and their followers continuing to make false claims about the Meade County Detention Center and Jailer JJ Scarborough, we reached out to Scarborough to see what he thought of being accused of running an illegal wood shop, supposedly in Flaherty according to the couple, where he profits from the inmates work. He was also falsely accused of stealing inmates' narcotic prescriptions instead of giving them their medications.

Scarborough denied these preposterous accusations made by the couple and went a step further by completely opening the facility for an exclusive interview and tour with WMMG where he dispels the accusations and also shares some great stories as you will see in Part 1 with the introduction of Shooter. Due to the length of the interview, this behind-the-scenes tour will be broken into three parts with Part 1 beginning today.

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